ACF Restaurant Challenge

In 2019 there were two new cooking competitions at Foodservice Australia, organised by the Australian Culinary Federation, the Global Chef Challenge and the Battle of the Pacific.

Global Chef Challenge

On Sunday we saw the Pacific Region Semi Finals of the Global Chef Competition. Competitors came from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Competitors prepared and presented their dishes to the international judges.

The winners who are headed to Russia to compete in the Worldchefs Congress are Global Young Chef Navneet Reddy and Global Pastry Chef Muni Vikash Chetty, both from Fiji, as well as Cole McDonald from New Zealand.

Global Young Chef

Judges: Brendan Hill, Michael Strautmanis, Matt McBain

Competitors: Rebeca Merhi (Australia) William Pokino (Cook Islands) Ravinesh Prasad (Fiji) Cole McDonald (New Zealand)

Global Chef

Judges: Michael Strautmanis, Karen Doyle, Matt McBain, Emmanuel Lorieux

Competitors: Mathew Lee (Australia) Ngattopuna Vou Williams (Cook Islands) Navneet Reddy (Fiji) Marc Soper (New Zealand)

Global Pastry Chef

Judges: Karen Doyle, Dale Lyman, Emmanuel Lorieux, Gary Miller

Competitors: Muni Vikash Chetty (Fiji) Ganesh Khedekar (New Zealand

Battle of the Pacific

The ACF Battle of the Pacific Restaurant Challenge saw eight teams of three chefs prepare a two-course menu for 40 guests dining in the restaurant on the show floor. The winning team was Tasmania, comprising Neil Li, Michael Norton and Robin Kelly

Judges: Andre Kropp, Shane Keighley, Matt McBain, Gary Miller


Federation of Italian Chefs:  Alessandro Biviano, Giorgio Distefano, Carmela D’Amore

Interstate Team: Rosie Griffiths, Nathan Mitchell, Andrew Bath

Victoria:  Kelvyn Yeoh, Chun Kok, Xiaoying Chen

Australian National Culinary Youth Team: Billy Fox, Tori Pickens, Nattawat Thiengdee

Fiji: Navneet Reddy, Ravinesh Prasad, Muni Vikash Chatty

Country Club Tasmania: Christopher Wright, Adam Lockhart , Aleksander MacKowski

New Zealand: Eric Lim, Marc Soper, Cole McDonald

Tasmania: Neil Li, Michael Norton, Robin Kelly

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