ACF Restaurant Challenge

The ACF Restaurant Challenge is an exciting three-day event organised by the Australian Culinary Federation.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday three different Australian and international teams, each comprising a manager and three chefs, will showcase their skills at their own pop-up restaurant on the show floor.

The challenge – to prepare a two course meal for 50 guests. The expert judges will score them on culinary skills and technique, efficiency, presentation and of course taste!

The winners will receive medals, prizes and recognition across the industry.

Want to eat in the restaurant?
A limited number of seats for lunch on Sunday 19 may will be available to purchase for just $55. (Please note as lunch is served as part of the competition, we regret dietaries cannot be accommodated.) Click here for lunch bookings.

2024 Teams Include:


1. St Vincents Care Culinary Team 

Manager: David Martin

Team: Haoran Shen, Cory Rowland, Richelle Carmona


2. Le Cordon Bleu NSW

Manager: Geoff Annear

Team: John Daly, Angelo Roche, Devina Pundarika


1. Pavilion Restaurant

Manager: Liam Brnic

Team: Deb Ridley, Fin Thornley, Amity Lobb


2. Team Fiji

Manager: Rakesh Kumar

Team: Muni Chetty, Ifraz Hussein, Nemia Waqanivavalagi


3. QT Kitchen Victoria

Manager: Kevin Pham

Team: Hung Bui, Ella Ngo, Andy Vo


1. Team Chile

Manager: Javiera Palacios

Team: Nicolas Garate, Camilla Sanchez, Gabriel Reyes


2. Winning Post Restaurant SA

Manager: Patrick White

Team: Sarah Jones, Hamish Robertson, Steven Clark


3. Team New Zealand

Manager: Ken O’Connell

Team: William Mordedo, Sam Linstrom, Sam Gadowski-Smith

2024 Judges Include:

Clockwise from top left:

Chairman Michael Strautmanis

Andre Kropp

Matt McBain

Karen Doyle

Roshan Thammitaarachchi

Peter Tischhauser