New food industry event for Queensland

The organisers of Foodservice Australia have announced they will be launching a new show in Brisbane next year, to be called Food & Hospitality Queensland.

Event Director Tim Collett says the market is crying out for its own show. He says “some of the bigger buyers will come down to Sydney but most only have a few hours to spare. They want to see the latest food, drink and equipment under one roof and close to home”.

He pointed out that South East Queensland has a large and growing population as well as year-round tourism. “It is a huge market that is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and there is no doubt food and hospitality are at the core of future developments”.

Food & Hospitality Queensland will run from 5-6 August at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Special events running on the show floor will include the Queensland Chef of the Year and Brisbane Café School. Organisers expect over 4000 trade visitors.

The show has been announced shortly after the surprise cancellation of another popular industry show in Brisbane. Some might recall Collett was involved with the launch of that event some 25 years ago. He was asked how this event would be different.

“We are putting together a new event that is innovative, exciting and tailored for the local market. It will be affordable for exhibitors and a magnet for industry buyers. We will be working closely with the restaurant, chef and retail associations to make sure it works for their members. It’s about running the show that people want.”

Wayne Viles from Unox says he will definitely be exhibiting. “Queensland is an important market and we look forward to demonstrating our commercial ovens. I am thrilled it is Tim and the Specialised Events team putting it together. They are great to work with and really know how to pull these things together”.

The show is presented by the same organisers as Foodservice Australia, scheduled for Sydney next May. Collett says there will be some crossover but the Queensland show “is a dedicated regional event for local buyers. And it will be broader to meet the needs of the retail, foodservice and tourism sectors”.

Stand bookings are now open. The first show has room for 150 companies and organisers are looking for a mix of food, drink and equipment suppliers. Stand packages start under $2000 so there is something for every budget.

Visitor registration is also open. Entry is free but strictly trade only - you must work in a food or hospitality business to come to this show. For more information on exhibiting or visiting go to or call 03 9999 5460.

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