Dairymont Australian Pizza Championship

Are you the best pizza maker in Australia?


The Dairymont Australian Pizza Championship was founded over 10 years ago to promote and encourage culinary innovation in the world’s most popular food category. From humble beginnings it has developed into one of the most anticipated annual industry events.

The competition invites aspiring pizza and pasta makers to join in and show off their skills. It is also a chance for the wider foodservice community to come along and watch, cheer and learn. Between the heats there will be demonstrations and tastings.

Last year the competition ran as part of Foodservice Australia 2016 in Sydney. It was an exciting competition with some remarkable new flavour combinations. The winners were:

Best Pizza Overall:
Simon Best

Best Meat:
Bruno Cantanzriti

Best Seafood:
Simon Best

Best Meat, Cheese and Pineapple:
Hoeseong Kim

This year year the competition will be running in Melbourne from 28-29 May. If you work in an independent pizza outlet (or a chain under six stores) then you can enter. Winners receive valuable prizes and a huge boost to their profile.



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